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About Associate Membership

All universities must first apply for Associate membership even if their University meets the criteria for full membership status. Associate membership is meant to serve as a mentoring period during which Full Members may assist a university as it works towards Full membership.

Associate Members:

- Do not have voting rights
- Pay annual membership fees equal to 50% of the Full membership fee.

Associate Membership is granted by a majority vote of the Full Members at a duly called meeting or through electronic voting.

A. Criteria for Associate Membership

To become an Associate Member, the candidate university must do the following:

  1. Teach a minimum of two sales classes, with two levels of sales training (e.g., a personal selling and advanced selling course) with one being a prerequisite course for the other.

  2. Have an active sales center advisory board. This board can be part of a department or college board but must have a specific board dedicated to sales.

  3. Be a recognized stand-alone entity of their College (i.e., a recognized center or institute).

  4. Be able to receive and manage funding (e.g., donations) specifically directed toward the sales program.

  5. Have someone recognized as the “Director” of the center or institute, and the Director must control and manage the budget.

B. Progression to Full Membership

Associate Members must progress to Full membership by the end of their fourth year (48 months) of membership.

At the end of two years, Associate Members will have a virtual (non face-to-face) meeting with the USCA President to review progress toward Full membership. At the end of four years, Associate Members will apply for Full membership.

For more information on USCA membership, please contact the Membership Committee Chair.