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Full Members of the USCA are actively involved in fulfilling the mission of the organization. All universities interesting in joining the alliance must first apply for Associate membership even if their University meets the criteria for full membership status. Associate membership is meant to serve as a mentoring period during which Full Members may assist a university as it works towards Full membership.

  1. Having voting rights.
  2. Pay annual membership fees.
  3. Attend two meetings of the USCA annually
  4. Serve on designated committees and in leadership positions

Criteria for Full Membership

  1. Become an Associate Member of the USCA for at least 12 months in good standing and meet all requirements for Associate membership.
  2. Establish a university recognized stand-alone entity that will serve as the “sales center”. The entity must have a name and that name must have the word “sales” in some form (e.g., Sales Center; Selling Institute).
  3. The sales center must have a budget. It must be able to receive funding, and the entity Director must have discretion to use funding and manage the budget.
  4. Submit a document to the USCA President or Membership Chairperson which verifies the following for your school:
    a.  Meeting the criteria outlined in #1, #2, and #3 above.
    b.  Employs a minimum of 3 sales faculty (faculty must teach within sales curriculum), where 1 professor holds a full-time contract and a PhD
    c.  Operates a dedicated role play facility with recording capability
    d.  Maintains a maximum of 30 students in entry-level sales classes, and a maximum of 20 students in advanced sales classes
    e.  Provides 2 levels of sales training (e.g., basic and advanced)
    f.  Offers a minimum of 3 sales courses
  5. Full member status can be obtained without meeting one criteria if the University can demonstrate substantially exceeding requirements for other criteria
  6. Pass a site visit Verification
    The President or other member of the USCA executive board shall conduct a site visit to verify status of program in accordance with the stated criteria for Full Membership.  The site visit will include interviews with the Dean of the School and the Chair of the Department in which the Center is housed.
  7. Attend the fall meeting each year
    Any full or associate member not attending the fall meeting will receive a letter of censure from the President of the USCA.
    Any full or associate member not attending two years in a row will be moved to suspended status (the University will be removed from USCA website).

    The USCA recognizes that each University has unique capabilities and some Universities may not meet all requirements for full membership. Failure to meet one criteria is acceptable if the applicant school can demonstrate excelling in other areas.

    For more information on USCA membership, please contact the Membership Committee Chair