Fall 2015 Sales Competitions
Sales Competitions

Each year, the H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling hosts the Ball State University Regional Sales Competition. Students from Ball State University, Indiana University, Purdue University, the University of Louisville, and Western Carolina University compete in sales call role plays. These mock sales calls are judged by 40 to 50 salespeople and sales managers from industry. Although it is a competition, the primary purpose of this event is to help you and your fellow students better develop your sales skills. Unlike any other competition, students receive immediate feedback from sales professionals regarding their performance in the mock sales call.
The Center for Global Sales Leadership will host the eighth annual National Team Selling Competition on Thursday, October 16, and Friday, October 17 on the IU Bloomington campus. This competition is made possible through the generous financial and volunteer support of Altria Group Distribution Company and 3M.
By competing in this event, selling teams from universities across the United States get the chance to take their classroom knowledge and experience and apply those skills in a selling situation that is realistic and relevant in today’s market. The 2014 competition will be an invaluable experience for the elite university sales programs.
We appreciate the 21 teams that participated in the competition last year and anticipate another 21 schools for 2014’s competition. We know there are many priorities in student’s academic and personal lives. While the schools are here, we urge them to use this event as an opportunity to network with our sponsors, students, and faculty. If they are here for an extra day, we encourage them to take in some of the sights and sounds of our great community.
Join us for our 2014 National Team Selling Competition!

The Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up is a 2 ½ day sales competition that focuses on student development. Each participating university may bring 3 students. Student participants deliver two 20-minute sales presentations – one for an actual product and one for an actual service — to professional buyers. Calls are evaluated by a panel of sales professionals. Upon completion of each call, students receive their evaluations sheets, an electronic copy of their presentation and a one-on-one debriefing session with one of their judges. Professional development activities (including a job fair) and social events provide multiple opportunities for participant networking. Over $5,000 is awarded in prizes and gifts. Awards are given to the overall highest scorers and the high scorer from each university. All meals, lodging and travel expenses are covered by sponsors.

The ICSC combines challenges in the three most sought after selling skills, selling business-to-business, selling direct to consumer, and using the latest video conferencing technology to present solutions to international decision makers. The technology will allow immediate feedback to competitors at the end of each round. The event includes a job fair sponsored by over 25 Fortune 500 companies, along with mini educational seminars. Over $10,000 in prizes will be awarded to students AND faculty coaches.

In this three-day event, top sales students from across the country meet with representatives from major corporations for an exciting sales competition. There are three separate competitive events students can participate in, these include: sales call role-plays, speed selling, and in-basket sales experience. This competition delivers students the opportunity to make connections, receive valuable selling knowledge, and perfect their sales skills.