Education Committee
The Education Committee is charged with enhancing and promoting sales education. The Committee strives to identify and collect: sales capabilities, competencies, pedagogy, and learning interventions.
Also, the Education Committee disseminates teaching innovations and information useful to sales educators via mass media (i.e. webpage and e-communication technology), academic and corporate workshops, paper presentations at professional meetings, and journal articles.
The Education Committee’s credo is: Professional mastery comes through teaching. A sales teacher is always learning.
Membership Committee
The Membership Committee serves to handle all issues related to membership in the USCA to include screening of USCA applicants, screening of USCA members wishing to progress from Associate to Full Membership, and screening of rules for USCA membership.
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Linda Mullen – Georgia Southern University (Chair 2015-2017)
Marianne Collins – Winona State
Greg DiPasquale – Ohio University
Bob Erffmeyer – UW, Eau Claire
Lukas Forbes – Western Kentucky University
Bill McGowan – CSU, Chico
Rob Peterson – Northern Illinois University
Vicki West – Texas State University
Joel Whalen – DePaul University
Andy Wood – James Madison University
Jimmy Peltier – UW, Whitewater (Chair 2014-2016)
Stacey Schetzsle – Ball State University (Chair 2015-2017)
Mike Boehm – Illinois State University
Howard Dover – UT-Dallas
Erin Gillespie – Elon University
Mary Jacobs – St. Catherine’s University
Deirdre Jones – University of Toledo
Prabakar Kothandaraman – William Paterson University
Terry Loe – Kennesaw State University
Larry Quinn – High Point University
Mark Mantey – Cal State Fullerton (Chair 2014-2016)
David Fleming – Indiana State University
Jerome Gafford – University of North Alabama
Mike Krush – North Dakota State University
Mark Johlke – Bradley University
Robert Nadeau – Plymouth State University
Blake Nielsen – Weber State University
Chris Plouffe – University of Akron
Scott Sherwood – Metropolitan State University
Mark Johlke – Bradley University
Lukas Forbes – Western Kentucky University
Scott Sherwood – Metropolitan State University.
Doug Hughes – Michigan State University – (Chair 2014-2016)
Brian Collins - Virginia Tech
Andrea Dixon – Baylor University
Alex Haas – Justus Liebig University
Pat Pallentino - Florida State University
Charlie Ragland – Indiana University
Michael Walsh – West Virginia University