Student Certification

Picture 3The purpose of the Certified Sales Student program is to offer university students the opportunity to receive recognition for going beyond minimal course requirements in preparing themselves for successful sales jobs and careers. Completing the process required to receive this certification helps participants to differentiate themselves from other students in the sales employment market. Similarly, by denoting exceptional commitment and achievement, the program assists employers in identifying the best candidates for sales positions nationwide and around the world.

Any college student attending a USCA member school can earn this certification by meeting the required coursework with authorized faculty and completing the extracurricular experience requirements presented below. The University Sales Center Alliance, a consortium of recognized and accredited sales programs across the Nation, sponsors the Certified Sales Student designation.

Students must earn a minimum of 100 total points to be awarded the Certified Sales Student designation. A minimum of 50 points must be derived from required college coursework with an additional minimum of 50 points earned through extracurricular activities and experiences.

Courses – 50 points

To be counted toward the CSS designation, the student must complete the required and elective coursework and earn at least a B in each class. All courses are three credit hours.

Required Coursework:
Personal/Professional Selling (3 credit hours) 20 points
Complete at least 3 of the Following Elective Courses:
Advanced Personal Selling (3 credit hours) 10 points
Sales Negotiation (3 credit hours) 10 points
Sales Management (3 credit hours) 10 points
Sales Technology (3 credit hours) 10 points
Business-to-Business Marketing (3 credit hours) 10 points
Organizational Purchasing (3 credit hours) 10 points
Sales Internship (3 credit hours) 10 points
Independent Study – Sales (3 credit hours) 10 points
Other Accredited Elective (3 credit hours) 10 points

Extracurricular Activities and Experience Requirements – 50 points

Any combination of the following activities and experiences that total 50 points or more must be completed toward the CSS designation. The points associated with any listed activity can only be counted once toward the program. For example, working two summers in a sales position can only be counted for 20 points, not 40 points.

Sales Internship or Job (for at least one semester) 20 points
Active Member of Business College Professional Student Organization (1 year minimum) 10 points
Serve as Executive Office of Business College Professional Student Organization (1 year) 10 points
Shadow a Salesperson or Sales Manager for a Day 10 points
Interact with a Sales Mentor (1 semester minimum) 10 points
Attend Two Meetings of Professional Sales Organizations 10 points
Participate in a Collegiate Level Sales Competition 10 points


Upon the completion of each applicable activity, the student must prepare a short written report describing what was done and what was learned from the activity. These reports should become a part of the student’s portfolio to be used in seeking employment in a selling or sales management position.

The specific activities and experiences in each listed category of activity must be set-out and approved in advance by the sales professor responsible for the student’s application and certification.